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a server with indicates maintenance.
a server with indicates it's on standby or off until required.
a server with indicates recent failure or instability.
a server with indicates it's a hypervisor.
a server with indicates it's equipped with 40/56Gbps fiber

Maintenance log can be found at the bottom.

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Dodecas (MHIX)

IseKai (MHI)

IceyKai (MHIII)

Emex (MHII)


MHZ Series

KaiV2 (MHZI)

BeserckV2 (MHZII)

WhiteV2 (MHZIII)



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Other Hosts

Piper (OHVI)

R10 (OHV)

R410 (MHXV)


R610 (MHXII)




maintenance log

30/05/2022: MHZIV has now been combined into MHZV to total 30 cores, 60 threads, 240GB RAM.

28/05/2022: Tripex (Backups) currently out of service due to failed iButton (RAID Card) cache card.

23/01/2022: Welcoming Tripex to the fleet, the third newest server behind the X3850 X6's. Sporting dual E5-2620 v3's on the X3650 M5 chassis, will be part of the Backup Factory system. Currently under maintenance until ready.

11/01/2022: Issues identified with MHZV, no services or VM's are currently effected. Server placed in maintenance mode until rebooted.

10/12/2021: Issues identified with multiple SSD's on MHXX. These have been RMA'd and temporarily replaced with Samsung SSD's.

08/04/2021: Welcoming two new servers. MHZIV and MHZV added to SuperServe.

07/04/2021: All VMs saved and restarted after MHXX experienced locked up but was still providing services as normal. This server was safely restarted and all the VM's were placed into a paused state for the duration of the maintenance.

25/07/2020: SuperServe-V2 development and roll out out in progress...

21/03/2020: Dodecas back online. Thanks to community member Blaze for helping diagnose the issue. The server is in a monitoring state due to failed IPMI.

21/03/2020: MHVII Shutdown, MHV switched on to handle load as a result of MHVII being shut down to allow repairs to Dodecas.

21/03/2020: Beginning to move vm's off MHVII to allow access to faulted server Dodecas

20/03/2020: Controlled restart of Dodecas due to IPMI fault failed. Server offline. No VM's required migration as this was a dedicated host.

06/02/2020: [23:18] Host IceyKai recomissioned with non critical VM's active for stability testing completed. The iSCSI connections have been repaired and prioritising IP with no DNS to prevent this issue from reoccurring in future.

06/02/2020: [21:39] Host IceyKai recomissioned with non-critical VM's active for stability testing.

06/02/2020: [19:18] IceyKai drained, awaiting updates and checks to be brought back online. Cause was a DNS failure due to iSCSI prioritising DNS over direct IP.

06/02/2020: [17:32] IceyKai failure, multiple VM's failed over successfully. Downed VM's have been restarted.

19/01/2020: Suspected drive failure in host MHX (R1 BOOT) due to high response times

17/01/2020: Host MHX: RAID 5 rebuild complete.

16/01/2020: Host MX detected new drive present in system. RAID 5 rebuilding...

16/01/2020: Host MX detected RAID 5 in degraded state: due to SSD failure...

12/01/2020: All VM's migrated from EMEX. Restarting EMEX to try to resolve instability...

12/01/2020: Host EMEX being monitored for packet loss and instability. VM's begin live migrating...

12/01/2020: Issue resolved on host IseKai where it's stopped responding to SuperServe.

12/01/2020: SSD Array 1 on MHXX has completed rebuild. Entering GOOD state.

11/01/2020: Host IseKai has stopped reporting to SuperServe, however the host is still online.

11/01/2020: SSD Array 1 on MHXX has started rebuild with 3 additional drives...

11/01/2020: SSD Array 1 on MHXX is degraded.

06/01/2020: Failover reverted. Server restored from backups.

05/01/2020: Web server begin failover...

04/01/2020: Failover for critical services now in place.

04/01/2020: Host IseKai is down due to RAID failure.

21/09/2019: PFX-S02 packet-loss detected and investigating. Patch completed

20/09/2019: PFX-S01 packet-loss issue detected and investigated. Patch completed.